I'm a sucker for emotion. And that will show in my images. It's impossible not to.

I am a photographer and storyteller. I find myself looking for the most beautiful things to tell people about and what it all really comes down to is authenticity. There is nothing more beautiful than pure emotions, reactions and interactions. That’s what draws me to weddings. I love the thought of capturing the moments that come together as one –  known as “the best day” of someone’s life.

I feel privileged to work with my passion. And I feel honored to take part of such beautiful memories.

A wedding story comes with many nuances, something that would be shameful to try to capture in one single image. My job is to, in an honest way, capture everything that happens throughout your day. I won’t be arranging the scenes however I will be there, capturing emotions, gestures, friendship and family  – perpetuating your story. The true story.

The sincerity in my images makes it possible for you to be taken back to the event. The smells. The noises. The tingling feelings. The warmth. You will be able to feel everything, see yourself and your loved ones because the images are real.


Favoriter från 2016

Authenticity is magnetic.